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Saturday, December 12, 2015

s "Where to Invade Next"

Why would an accounting professor send four of his classes to the Brooklyn Advanced screening of Michael Moore's new film at Medgar Evers College?  One professor gives his reason, " Many of my students have not been out of New York City and some don't go outside of Brooklyn; the film was an opportunity for them to virtually experience other cultures and practices".  Did it work?  A full auditorium of engaged viewers say yes!  The event was co-sponsored by the MEC Film and Culture Series and the Entrepreneurship & Experiential Learning (EEL) Lab.  The sub-title for the event was, "Coming Back to America -- the Action Movie About your Future.  The event was second in the EEL Lab's series on "Inspiring Innovations".
Michael Moore's brilliant portrayal of global socio economic challenges made us laugh, cry, and mourn for the future we could have --if we would only heed our own advice to others.  The audience participated in a survey to rank their interest and feelings on 11 issues that were raised in the film:
  • Prison Reform
  • Drugs/Crime
  • Education
  • Women Issue/ Equality
  • Food / Nutrition Justice
  • Work Place Issues
  • Politics
  • Youth Employment
  • Reparations
  • Health Care
  • Banking Reform
The number one ranked student concern before and after the movie was Education.  Moore takes us to the number one ranked country in Education in the world; he talks to faculty and students.  The interviews were amazing.  One student later pointed to a faculty and said, "See professor, they are number 1 and they don't have homework!"
Students gave 1-minute talks on how the movie made them feel.  One female student stood with her young daughter in the aisle watching and gave a heart-wrenching story on issues related to the black male.  The students were followed by a faculty led panel discussion.
The film brought our academic community together; scientists were as engaged as liberal artists and businesspersons.  Students that never dreamed of going to foreign countries now have reasons to inquire, engage, and perhaps visit.  The worldwide release of the film is December 23rd -- a gift to the world for the holiday season and beyond.

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