LOL declaration of interdependence- as parents focusing education which values open space and sustainability goals
-we accept nothing less that 2016-2025 being all youth's most exciting livelihoods decade -our dream and reality: collaborating with every goodwill startup network on the planet- how's that?

eg by sponsorship startup kenya next summit nairobi 28 jan 2016; by sharing open space or hackathons; by celebraing the world premier of global youth empowerment at Brooklyn's Civil Rights College March 10 -more exciting decade diary

do not see any conflict in people following confucius, gandhi, pope francis, king or mandela- so why have politicians nationalised conflicts and 20th c borders been drawn in ways that cannot possible sustain peace let alone nature

black history's future month ,,,women's history futures month ,, latino's history futures month .. confucius history future's month... gandhi's history futures month ..Bangla's history futures month ...berners lee web coders history future's month,,open space history future's month

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

It starts at 530 EJ auditorium MEC CUNY 1638 bedford avenue brooklyn ny11225 ; will likely go on past 9

mike - the hour from 8.00 may be the most relevant for observing what youth future movement is being opened up (most of the time before is the showing of michael moores film where to invade next)- there is a chance that moore will trust alumni of this event to help him reach a million activists and even if we dont make that it will be an interesting rehearsal of how mass audiences of movies can empower action alumni networks of community building 

if due to your day job you can only come nearer 8. it would still be great to see you- in the event that people are being turned away due to full house, sure it would be all right to mention  for dean rolle or john kiehl or miles mcafee

 joe (tedx ny suburbs) -are you able to come

to all friends of startup brooklyn - do come if you can or tell us what you are doing that startup brooklyn youth may enjoy knowing about

- anything you can send before tuesday helps with a high level debriefing in DC amy and I need to make tuesday as well as amy exploration of who's collaboratively who in millennials open space china-brooklyn-vatican worlds

---------------------------------someopen space resources recommended by amy alumni networks
People: this list could have hundreds but for now just folks that are relevant in the near future
  • Hélène de St Front from Paris (fairly new to Open Space, extremely vibrant and intelligent like you) - will be in New York. When she was in America the last time, she took the train from New York to Washington to meet Harrison. 
  • Chuni Li (teaches organizational development at NYU and works full time at Monmouth Cares in New Jersey) - from Taiwan, speaks Chinese, will be in New York. Chuni and I brought Open Space to New Jersey in 2010 under the theme Revitalizing New Jersey.  I will call Chuni to ask her if you can join us overnight at her house before New York. Doug and I will be staying there. WE might be staying at her house on the night of January 13 and 14.  On the 14th Doug is a Keynote Speaker with the New Jersey Human Resources Society.
  • Lucas Cioffi (creator of QiQoChat) doing amazing virtual work that applies to Open Space – I will send an email introducing the two of you. It is with him and Michael Herman (creator of the Open Space World website that we hosted Harrison’s birthday party. Lucas lives near Washington in Virginia. I want to introduce you to him
  • Jasmina Nikolic, Serbia, Host of the World Open Space in 2014 (in Serbia) a dear friend and colleague and a major force in Education (mega projects in technology with Belgrade University, European Universities, Kahn University, Wikipediea – trailblazing in the world , Agile/Scrum technology (an expert in bringing the value of these processes to work outside of technology into schools and businesses), one of the leaders in the #2 political party in Serbia known as Enough is Enough, a champion figure skater, etc. etc. and a very close and dear friend. Her resumé here. She is trailblazing the most innovative political engagement approach in the world I think using Agile methodologies. 
  • Sharon Joy Chao, hosting the World Open Space in Manila (beautiful video introduction) for 2016 (November 9 - 12). Next week they are hosting 150 youth learning event in Open Space for SouthEast Asia. Mich a young woman will be facilitating. She learned Open Space from Gail West in Taiwan (a great friend of Harrison and I, an elder) and Sharon Joy.
  • Kennan Salinero,(click her name to hear her introduction to the First Open Space on the Future of Science. She is founder of Yamana Science and Technology now called Reimagine Science dedicated to reinventing how we do science; works multigenerationally, lives in San Francisco, I am hoping she will come to New York. I facilitated 2 Open Spaces in the Washington area with her and with amazing people. Here the talk that Harrison gave at this Open Space in 2010.
  • Doug Kirkpatrick, (you can google him; he writes often for the Huffington Post (sample); has done a Ted Talk on self-management). We are partners at NuFocus Strategic Group in the US, company headquartered in Canada.  He has written a book about his “self-management” work at Morning Star where he was for more than 25 years – one of the companies most talked about in the world, in Harvard Business review, etc because of their very progressive leadership practices. It is what our company in the US is all about. 
  • Harrison (who you know) and Karen Davis (who you will soon meet, the official host in New York). 
  • Sudeep VyapariAssociate Executive Director at National Council for Science and the Environment; Sudeep is the most amazing ageless connector I’ve ever met. Young and old alike working on amazing world projects. He is a very real, kind, smart and innovative person.  Lives in Washington. He is connected to all those who co-hosted our World Open Space (about 30 many of whom were in the leadership of student government at University of South Florida – the 9th largest university in the country). I want to introduce  you to Sudeep
  • Gail West in Taiwan, she hosted the World Open Space in Taiwan in 2009; she is a close friend of Harrison and has decades of experience in Open Space, like Karen Davis. my first; here an event that she was involved in recently with schools 
  • Many others coming to New York who you will enjoy from Florida, from Canada, from New Zealand, from the US; we’re still inviting now. 
  • Wild Swans
  • Reinventing Organizations by Frederic Laloux (Doug’s Company Morning Star is included in the 12 worldwide companies discussed here; Sun Hydraulics is in my city here in Sarasota Florida (highly innovative working practices). Google Laloux
  • Beyond Empowerment by Douglas Kirkpatrick
  • The Tao of Open Space by Chris Corrigan (free pdf attached here)
  • Chuck Blakeman, an advocate for the workplaces and businesses of the future. A regular contributor on line to Inc Magazine, writer of books, consultant and this Ted Talk; I will be in Denver Colorado next week with a small group of 18 people who are involved nationally and internationally in progressive work practices working not on theory but in practice. 
  • Mr. Zhang Ruimin, CEO and Chairman of the Board of Haier Group, delivered a keynote presentation this past September titled "Rendanheyi 2.0: Building an Ecosystem to Co-create and Win Together.”  He was one of the speakers in Vienna at the Drucker Forum. Extraordinary article. 

  • Very lengthy book by Harrison Owen to read at your leisure in the future Free PDF  SPIRIT
Sample Books of Proceedings (important) capturing the essential ideas after an event:
Short videos

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