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Sunday, December 6, 2015

Is it possible to Open Space Education

Is it possible to Open Space Education? personal experiences of this curious question always welcme
I had almost given up asking this question when I was bowled over by this 23 year old chinese lady Amy the week before Independence Day 2015. It was her first trip abroad and she was interviewing anyone she could from over 50 nations at the 20th year of the creative children festival celebrated on the Mall Washngton DC. Her favorite interviewees were the children but there were also elders   like Samara Ethiopian-American owner of the 5 billion person elearning satellite yazmi, or Bangladeshi Naila for 15 years muhammad yunus first female director of grameen mobile phone, or William a Chinese America retiree who has spent quarter of a century building friendships out of Chillicon Valley (Stanford), or Taddy Blecher founder of the Mandela extranet and the free university of entrepreneurship for the underprivileged. Amy seemed to grow about 10 years in self-confidence by the end of her 10 days in DC, but as she flew back to China I never really expected to see the likes of her again
3 months later i got a whats app message, it was Amy:  is there anyone more innovative I can interview on my second trip. I said the only person i can think of is Harrison Owen in Maryland . She said what? Why didnt I see him first time? I said he lives summers on a boat in Maine . She said what?
...Thankfully they had lunch on her second voyage abroad. And he said to her if you are happy to cancel rest of our DC trip, why not come to Beijing and observe open space china with me. Amy gulped: am I a right person? of course, yes please. At the airport she said to me I will be back and next I want to interview a leader of a social business college. I said what? But while Amy was observing Harrison magic in Beijing , i was being debriefed on some research at the Vatican University . Their information was that the only college leadership team in USA they had found to be up for the pro-youth curriculum transformation of Pope Francis was in Brooklyn , thanks to the extraordinary female Dean there.
So here we are last week with : a short video of Amy's first gig in Brooklyn and the Dean's review.  What will happen next could be fun... 

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