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-we accept nothing less that 2016-2025 being all youth's most exciting livelihoods decade -our dream and reality: collaborating with every goodwill startup network on the planet- how's that?

eg by sponsorship startup kenya next summit nairobi 28 jan 2016; by sharing open space or hackathons; by celebraing the world premier of global youth empowerment at Brooklyn's Civil Rights College March 10 -more exciting decade diary

do not see any conflict in people following confucius, gandhi, pope francis, king or mandela- so why have politicians nationalised conflicts and 20th c borders been drawn in ways that cannot possible sustain peace let alone nature

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Sunday, December 13, 2015

can we celebrate co-building

 stWEBUNDERSTANDING 2015-2025 as the most exciting decade for winning or losing human sustainability
In dad's and The Economist's 1984 fieldbook on the first 12 years of the curriculum ( entrepreneurial revolution)  on whether intergenerational sustainability would be won or lost as globalistion and webs evolved all of our livelihoods connections with thriving healthy  local communities, his open systems map for sustainability depended on the human societal capability to promote over 30000 microfranchises solutions- where most or all of the value produced stayed in the community where the service was produced- and inventors of such solutions mainly wanted them open sourced -this is actually what adam smith meant y the term free market in 1748 though 99.999% of economists now being hired by the world's biggest institutions and bad banks abuse this term (and so the exponential consequences of media and education system designs) 

Viewed from 1984 was sustainability investment critical to design learning's best of mass and web media not the worst of both these media worlds. What we the peoples needed t celebrate at te optimal time was connect universal access via  public broadcasters - the two largest being commonwealth institutions of UK's  BBC and India's DD - who come up with a collaboration entrepreneur competition as the most popular show on earth - reaching a billion people live it could link to  ne homepage where people could continue pitching improvements, incubating and socially testing how to design apps and community sustaining tools and last mile services. If that had happened at the optimum time sustainability book would have become millennials favorite intreraction space not facebook's sexy heads. And open educators would be everywhere lining youth in not spammers and greedsters.

so where can we the people take back w we vote for celebrating youth's heroines and heroes of innovatoins most life critical solutions

1 contact those young contestants that sharks and dragons ridiculed as being too social (for the greedy judges of US primetime sharktank and dragons den started in japan and licensed in at least 15 countries)

help those like ivonna fast test health solutions - hers is a chewing gum that may alleviate anaemia in poorest communities; ivonna was the winner of the latest world bank partners youth entrepreneur competition - but the organising partner then withdrew the prize because te team that it had picked for her on longer wanted to continue; you would think the world bank's jim kim love of health solutions for the poor would be shocked at such process- lets hope the product is a success then we can open space te world bank round more sustainable youth entrepreneur competition processes -also reconnect the 100 historically black colleges that muhammad yunus challenged to celebrate social business solutions and then hung out to dry as the process wasnt fundraising enough for his Bangladeshi coffers. In the process ted turners family billion dollar investment in making UN easier for women and youth entrepreneurs to partner was slashed.

3 john and dianne have identified over 100 arts franchises that could be adopted in celerating any communities regeneration by and with social action youth; of course one of the questions is how do we sustain local artists- well mexico's cinepop has a great idea- it does a roadshow visiting poor towns where families do not usually get the chance to go the the cinema; it arranges with the local authorities a free film and arts festival; before and after the film, merchants who sponsor the festival are chosen as ones that are good for the community - a local community bank could be one of the merchants; so too low cost wellbeing solutions providers and other last mile services - why not blend what cinepop knows how to do and moores film as an exchange of both rest of world community solutions and youth's  local solutions to the world

3a  before they become superstars, alumni of a community  can identify what lical cause they agree to linkin around whomever grows up to be the next great idol-moreover  japan seeks to take back its 2020 olympics as celebrating sustainability as much as sports; the opportunity if footballs house of frauds is it ensure the world cup is owned for the good of sustainable peoples nit those with swiss bank accounts

fab labs now empower a local artisans oist valuable skiolls ti microfranchsies acoiss communities with makersfaires the most exciting market festival - obama mothers thesis was in developing worlds local makers - why wouldnt olbama celebrate black universities making best use of fgablabs for every community  -see vivian's movie obama mama VNM - Obama Mama

5 if we can select best for community and youth livelihood solutions, we can also turn the process into a curriculum- we can open space collaboration entrepreneurship and sustainability- the next 10 years are the most exciting -and need to be the busiest 0 the human race has ever faced because they will determine whether sustainability is won or lost by communities everywhere- this is an opportunity that begins and ends with education - are we now designing the smartest most humanly productive media fir every being or the dumbest one controlled for Orwellian big brother to terrorise, profiteer and extract from a planet run for a few greedy and psychotic men


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