LOL declaration of interdependence- as parents focusing education which values open space and sustainability goals
-we accept nothing less that 2016-2025 being all youth's most exciting livelihoods decade -our dream and reality: collaborating with every goodwill startup network on the planet- how's that?

eg by sponsorship startup kenya next summit nairobi 28 jan 2016; by sharing open space or hackathons; by celebraing the world premier of global youth empowerment at Brooklyn's Civil Rights College March 10 -more exciting decade diary

do not see any conflict in people following confucius, gandhi, pope francis, king or mandela- so why have politicians nationalised conflicts and 20th c borders been drawn in ways that cannot possible sustain peace let alone nature

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Monday, December 25, 2000

Dear Ranga (Yazmi) glad ethiopia is benefiting from your presence to 26 january but what do you see as next urgent action to linkin -Sustainable Youths Most Exciting Year (Roman Calendar) -here's creative childrens map we all started independence week at the elipse using roman-usa time which pope francis started 11 weeks later

week 22: I am at MIT all week of january 25 to 29  -where our friend and new yorks number 1 connector of sustainable apps and mass media is hosting 5 days of workshops inviting every tech professors alumni who have ever linked in bottom up and open; why not you and noah divert via boston

 in parallel new yorks pro-youth educators are in kenya that week 22 starting up first in a world class tour of sustainable millennials friendships -around which pr-youth un goal success depend- discussing this with naila this afternoon 

week 20 questions to naila- what is joywo's yazmi status with my friend of friend rachel ruto, ingrid munro jamii bora the origin of youth slum banking that queen sofia wanted replicated in 60 countries, mit mpesa team, nanocredit teams across hemispheres, wangaaris maathai green team, unhabitat roman review quito oct 2016,  nanocredit team, ushahidi ihub team, give directly team, acumen patient capital and google africa team, columbia NY's west side story as obamas twin home from rome with kenya from 2016 -kenya is africa's silicon valley just as ethiopia could be its green giant -rightfully so as garden of the world

week 19 Last friday our mit (mobile apps and mass media) leader , our leader of new york public education system met to design the format for week28 the  worldwide youth empowerment summit 10 March NY week  that will kelp new york and partners live up to 2016-2025 being youths greatest decade - thats how  how our weekly back from future audit of success of sustainability goals and changing education is to be collaboratively as well as self-organised, They skyped with our people representing how the vatican university awards its world community leadership prize- nominations for 2016 are being made now/

Bernardo is the south american connector of this -where the pope francis and the ideology of both jim kim and muhammad yunus comes from- while n americans had their heads in space in the 1960s, south americans were grounding theory deeply  - find world class professional who lives with poor, changes what he knows how to communally serve, analyses system failures bring in other professionals and their students to change them, prioritises each leap in technology to app for the poorest

Bernardo raised the question is noah to be 2016 top educator prize/ His view counts as he won that prize last year. Back in rome own solutions are judged by Maurice a 26 year old peter whose day job is internal auditong potential fraud inside big organisations or their partners as well as simply miscommunications where eg society has been promised a higher purpose innovation which it turns out the big organisation isnt communally trusted enough to do (see eiu/chris macrae brand chartering 1996 handbook for communications internal auditors valuing most expensive brands in the world)- and of course like everywhere italy gas its problems- many communities are still constrained by the mafia particularly anything to do with refugees. All of us met maurice the day you were too ill to attend - ie dianne's bottom up un researchers, harrison owens thsi decade must be youths greatest, our tech people, peter -who can answer any questions you like independently of me, our educators, Bernardo the added his complaint- he has been working directly with president bachelets office (alsio the founder with CNN ted turner family of un women) trying to sell yazmi- but your office has serially not responded in time for him not to lose his reputation. Worse he is connected with several other sustainability leaders including the former female national president who is designing a pro-youth university in ecuador to judge the first year of the sustainability goals. week 56?
I have been given 5 days to sort this out because who everyone nominates for rome is who new york wants to celebrate march 10 at global youth empowerment summit where bernardo will be asking branches of un especially kenya's unhabitat what changes in like with popes us tour have you made- he will share answers with parts of obamas office and jim kims office who agreed the domestic impact reasons for the pope's tour in addition to freeing cuba - so that it can be a hackathon hub partner for future of jobs hungry teachers and students

My friends and noahs DC diaspora want Ethiopia to be africas's proof that chiense aid win-win development especially on infracstructure solution linked to climate - water, energy, how peacefully the niles source flows through the region and empowers blessed value chains like tebabus that the diaspora can value in ways that top down government banks never did, At the end of the day everyone i know trusts amy on noah- if she says award noah even if that means not awarding harrison owen this year then we will go with her view. This isnt just because she has risen beating impossible odds out of the hardest girl impact startup of all -a girl from a poor family in a region that was still making soup out of baby girls when she was born - especially as her birth broke the one child rule causing ker parents to be financially ostracised. Its because as a 23 year old she has boundless energy, her own sort of translating integrity that all empowering millennials need, and because only china not america or anywhere else will make biggest decisions determining sustainability of all of us. This much system designers who have read my fathers work on entrepreneurial revolution since 1972 have hundreds of iterative proofs of- oy instead of reading any more economics just social link into harrison owens action networks

so how do you all respond who care about Ethiopia -i need to know by monday morning since amy will have spent the whole weekend connecting harrison owen with new yorkers and our education leader is then off to kenya rolling out new york development partnerships across africa- in kenya goal number 1 is to openly link ihub for ever- bonuses would be ruto's network whose impacts our grassroots teams encounter, and 1000 schools which now want to share a system design turinng job seekers into job makers

needless to say the sort of questions friends of yazmi networks pose is being reviewed by new york summit investors in every segment area to be empowered starting with womens since apparently march is women history month and MEC as the leading civil rights college is charged with taking each demographic month as seriously as the whole of new york and its future leaders can

chris macrae 240 316 8157

1 H Owen
2 Rolle
3 Bernardo
4 Kiehl
5 Maurice

11 Noah
12 Ranga
13 Prita
14 Sunita Gandhi
15 Mostofa
16 Hiro
17 King
18 Zara
19 Tross
20 Naila
21 Peter Burgess
22 Joe M
23 Erastus
24 Tebabu
25 Stefanos

branches with youth correspondents
branches with youth correspondents

From: S. Rangarajan <srangarajan>

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