LOL declaration of interdependence- as parents focusing education which values open space and sustainability goals
-we accept nothing less that 2016-2025 being all youth's most exciting livelihoods decade -our dream and reality: collaborating with every goodwill startup network on the planet- how's that?

eg by sponsorship startup kenya next summit nairobi 28 jan 2016; by sharing open space or hackathons; by celebraing the world premier of global youth empowerment at Brooklyn's Civil Rights College March 10 -more exciting decade diary

do not see any conflict in people following confucius, gandhi, pope francis, king or mandela- so why have politicians nationalised conflicts and 20th c borders been drawn in ways that cannot possible sustain peace let alone nature

black history's future month ,,,women's history futures month ,, latino's history futures month .. confucius history future's month... gandhi's history futures month ..Bangla's history futures month ...berners lee web coders history future's month,,open space history future's month

Sunday, December 31, 2000

1 H Owen
2 Rolle
3 Bernardo
4 Kiehl
5 Maurice

11 Noah
12 Ranga
13 Prita
14 Sunita Gandhi
15 Mostofa
16 Hiro
17 King
18 Zara
19 Tross
20 Naila
21 Peter Burgess
22 Joe M
23 Erastus
24 Tebabu
25 Stefanos

26 Cash
27 Song Jt
28 Song Sr
29 Suzanne
30 Komesaroff
31 Willians
32 Ruil
33 Emily
35 Jack Yan
36 Jose
37 Yuxuan.
38 Cousin Rob
Projects La Maestra Navy Yard Incubator Eel Curricula of Premio Sharktankweb Kiehls Team Kings Team

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